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Healthcare Team


Community Midwives

The Midwife sees antenatal patients at the hospital clinics; she also performs antenatal checks at patients homes, and visits new babies and their mothers in the first 10 days. She can be contacted via the hospital (01743 261000 – ask for – “Community Midwives”).

Community Nurses

Community Nurses (District Nurses) provide care for house bound and terminally ill. Our team of Community Nurses is based at the Cambrian Medical Practice in Oswestry. To make contact with Community Nurses please telephone 01691 663609 Extension 1.
Health Visitors

Health Visitor

The Health Visitor will deal with immunisations, child health problems and perform developmental checks on pre-school children. They can advise on feeding, sleep etc and offer general support to new mothers.

Our Practice is covered by the Shrewsbury Health Visiting Team. To speak to a Health Visitor please ring 0333 358 3654 for advice or an appointment.

First Contact Practitioner

Joe Smith is a First Contact Practitioner or First Contact Physiotherapist who specialises in Musculoskeletal issues including joint pains and problems, back and neck pain and muscle strains. He helps to manage patients who may require further investigation or surgery, or simply advise on appropriate management of a given condition. He does not provide a Physiotherapy service for patients; if this is required then a patient will be referred onwards to the physiotherapy service. His main responsibility is to assess, triage (manage based on severity), and advise or refer onwards if needed. This supports the GPs with their work load as approximately 30% of consultations are in relation to joint pains or problems. You may be offered an appointment with Joe if appropriate.

Social Prescribing Advisor

Social Prescribing is non-medical role which offers adults 1:1 confidential support to discuss and understand the wider issues affecting their health and wellbeing, and linking people up to sources of support within the community. At Prescott Surgery, our Social prescribing advisor Isobel Evans is qualified Occupational Therapist and is experienced at supporting people to make positive changes to improve
their health and wellbeing.

Many people can benefit from Social Prescribing; this includes those who may be:

  • Feeling worried or anxious
  • Feeling lonely or socially isolated
  • Living with a long-term health condition
  • Wanting to make healthy changes to their lifestyle
  • Caring for someone

Social Prescribing is available across all the Primary Care Networks in Shropshire, including
Shrewsbury Primary Care Network – which is the network of all the GP practices in Shrewsbury.

For more information or to get support from Social Prescribing:

Clinical Pharmacists

Hello from Charlotte Lynch

As lead clinical pharmacist for Shrewsbury Primary Care Network I carry out structured medication
reviews for patients within the rural cluster (this includes Prescott Surgery). This involves looking at the medication list from a holistic point of view and liaising with the doctors and nurses to ensure patients are on the correct medication.

Hello from Sandeep Jangra

As a primary care network Clinical Pharmacist, our role will be to provide structured medication reviews, with a view to improve how medication is delivered to patients but also helping patients understand more about the medications they take. We also take a holistic approach with a view to improve health outcomes within the local community. As pharmacists we will be working together with the wider health care professional team to ensure that patient needs are met. From time-to-time we may also contact patients if we are conducting any audit projects or conducting long-term condition review clinics.

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

  • Natasha Berridge

Community Care Co-ordinator

  • Jeremy Roberts