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Online Services



The easiest and preferred way to gain access to online services is to download the NHS App and undertake the identity and address checks that are required. This means that you will not have to come into the surgery to complete a form and be provided with access details for one of the third party providers identified below. You are welcome to use the methods below to gain access to on line services if you prefer.

Third party providers of online services

Alternative access to on line services is provided by 3rd party organisations contracted in agreements negotiated and held by NHS England. These organisations have secure software that feeds into GP Practice systems in over 7000 GP Practices in England. Please be aware that we do not have any influence or control over their respective design/interface/access portals/web pages or apps. If you have difficulty in accessing your account, the only assistance that we are able to provide is to re-set and issue you with a new access code.

Patient Access is the software system linked to Practice websites in Shropshire.

If you have experienced difficulty with using ‘Patient Access’ you may wish to try the alternative provider Evergreen Life. You can also download their App:

Whether you choose to use the NHS App or a third party organisation, when you register you will have access to the following on line services:

  • Make GP Appointments
  • Order Repeat Medication
  • View a Summary of your Medical Records

Summary Medical Records (Summary Care Records)

Please see Summary Care Record for more information.